I found Charlotte Perkins Gilman really interesting. Though she did not have much formal education or higher education in studying sociology she knew what she was talking about and had great insight into gender inequality.
In The Yellow Wall Paper, though it is a novel, she goes into a description of falling into madness. The novel is autobiographical and Gilman says she almost went mad after the birth of her daughter. The remedy, a rest cure, was said to be rest, less stimulation and more time with the new baby. This remedy was the opposite of what Gilman craved and needed, she realized this and put in an end to the bed rest and isolation remedy she was being put through.
Gilman’s ideas about gender inequality are very persuasive. She argues that if a woman’s place is in the home because of her child-bearing responsibilities when in fact most of a woman’s work is actual house work not just doting on the children. She explains how moist of what stay at home wives do is mostly housework or other business around the home.
I also agree with her point of how if a woman is dependent on a man then she is stripped of her freedom. Her social and economic status is then determined by her husband’s occupation and status. She does not own her labor, her labor is owned by her husband if he owns the home and she is merely living and working in it. This is quite a statement to make and was even more taboo when Gilman originally published Women and Economics in 1898.